Leading the way in accurate, broad health and vital sign assessment

Our revolutionary MUSEIC V3 multi-sensor acquisition platform enables an accurate, reliable and broad health and vital sign assessment, specifically tailored to wearable systems.

MUSEIC V3 covers a wide range of bio-medical sensors by means of dedicated low-noise low-power on-chip sensor readouts: ECG, Bio-Impedance (BIO-Z), Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), Photoplethysmography (PPG), EMG, and EEG. In addition, general purpose digital interfaces allow to collect data from external sensors. Since the data is acquired on one chip, the data streams are accurately synchronized, allowing the use of correlation techniques.

Improved signal quality

The readouts have features that improve the signal quality in real-time, such as automatic Motion Artefact Reduction for ECG, and ambient light cancelation for PPG. A low-power Cortex ARM M0+ processor controls the data collection and makes use of powerful accelerators: configurable filters, a vector/matrix processor, and a sample-rateconverter. The sample-rate converter makes the sample-rates of data from internal and external sensor readouts compatible with each other, enabling to perform accurate and reliable calculations.

Tailored to low power applications

The platform consists of two chips: the readout system-on-chip (SOC) and a power management IC (PMIC). Besides powering the SOC and driving the LEDs for the PPG channel, the PMIC chip features two programmable voltage references (0.5V to 2V with 50mV step) to control the buck voltage regulators. A ripple free linear regulator is used for the sensitive analogue readouts. All three regulators in the PMIC can be used for general purposes in low power applications. The modular approach of the MUSEIC V2 IC platform allows for customization towards specific applications: the customer can configure the MUSEIC V2 IC platform according system requirements.