Spin-offs and accelerator programs

Holst Centre is successfully launching spin-offs and accelerator programs to bring innovations to the market faster, filling in gaps in the value chain, and kick-starting new ecosystems.

With new deep-tech funds on the rise, the investment climate for start-ups and spin-offs has improved significantly. At the same time innovation activities of industry partners have shifted, from in-house R&D towards start-ups. Innovations with a disruptive character, with long-term roadmaps, can be difficult or too risky to develop on one’s own.

Since the very start of Holst Centre in 2006, creating vibrant eco-systems that enable new technologies has been the key to our success. Know-how derived from different disciplines and companies throughout the value chain is needed to bring these technologies to the market. Our close ties with the industry makes us stand out from other research institutes. We add value for our partners by offering shared innovation research programs, where we work with multiple companies on a joint roadmap.

Our eco-systems are a fruitful environment to turn technology into a market-ready product, and for establishing spin-offs and start-ups. In the past five years, Holst Centre has successfully launched severaltart-ups, strengthening the Dutch economy and creating jobs locally. Next to launching our own start-ups, we are also stimulating partnerships with other start-ups, who are in need of specific expertise. They prefer working with Holst Centre because of our track record in maturing technology, and our network with many valuable future partners.

Latest spin-offs and start-ups

Accelerator and tech transfer programs

With TNO’s Tech Transfer and imec.istart.nl, Holst Centre offers tech entrepreneurs a flying start backed by our in-depth technological expertise, plus a valuable gateway to our extensive knowledge ecosystem.