Holst Centre collaborates on two National Growth Fund projects

Integrated photonics and high-tech industry 

Eindhoven, April 14, 2022 - Holst Centre, the research and innovation center at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where imec and TNO collaborate, will play an active role in two National Growth Fund projects: PhotonDelta and NXTGEN HIGHTECH. The projects will launch in 2022 and run for five to eight years.

Ton van Mol, director TNO at Holst Centre: "The fact that we are going to play a role in two projects of the National Growth Fund shows that we, as Holst Centre, are working on socially relevant themes. The research and innovations that Holst Centre is working on are at the heart of what is important for the future of the Netherlands."


Integrated photonics uses photons (light) - rather than electrons (electricity) - to transmit and process information. Photonic chips, also called photonic integrated circuits (PICs), integrate photonic functions into microchips. The chips support the sustainable and energy-efficient solutions needed for applications that include the exponential growth of data traffic, safer autonomous cars, more efficient food production, and measurements for health applications. Integrated photonics is one of the new pillars in Holst Centre's strategy. The goal is to contribute to a European industry involving integrated photonics with partners from the PhotonDelta ecosystem, bolstered by relevant Dutch input.


Holst Centre is working with the high-tech manufacturing industry in the Netherlands on a future generation of machines to address societal challenges. For example, it is working on machines to produce a new generation of batteries that will enable electric cars to travel up to 1,000 kilometers without intermediate recharging. Another development is that of implantable artificial organs. For example, a portable or even implantable artificial kidney would reduce the need for kidney patients to visit the hospital. Holst Centre has the knowledge and expertise to develop these techniques further and share them with other parties. As a partner within NXTGEN, it is about preparing for industrialization and investing in production capabilities.  


Growing Together 

With the National Growth Fund, the government is investing in projects that will ensure long-term economic growth for the Netherlands. The support from the Growth Fund provides acceleration to bring innovations to the market together with partners. By offering partner companies an R&D base, Holst Centre can contribute to a technically leading market position and an increase in turnover and employment. In this way, Holst Centre can contribute to further strengthening and growing the Dutch economy, partly thanks to the Growth Fund. 


Kathleen Philips, director of imec at Holst Centre: "Partly thanks to the investments of the National Growth Fund, Holst Centre can further expand and broaden its expertise. In this way, we can work together with the industry, in a growing ecosystem, on innovative solutions to social problems. Facilitating cooperation, both internationally and in the region, is the basis of success in this regard."