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Helping our partners be successful
with world-class technology

Developing disruptive technology and launching it independently, involves significant risks. By providing in-depth technological knowledge, connecting the right parties, and jointly developing a roadmap for this technology, we help clients to significantly reduce their workload, financial risks and time to market and increase success rate.

Combining expertise in flexible and wireless electronics under one roof puts Holst Centre in a unique position. Our partner companies particularly value our tailor-made research solutions at any development stage. From performing reflective and explorative research for partners venturing into new technology territories to developing first-of-a-kind demonstrators and small prototyping series that allow clients to quickly turn our technologies into new products and manufacturing processes. Through knowledge transfer, we contribute to the expertise and market position of our partner companies, frequently increasing their turnover, and the number of jobs they have to offer.

Multi-party innovation

The goal of open, multi-party innovation is to be faster, cheaper and more effective, reducing risks and creating a rapid time-to-market for new products. At Holst Centre, partners complement their own exclusive R&D with shared R&D, leveraging each other's talents and know-how in a well-structured and professional setting. Typically, Holst Centre results are shared on a non-exclusive basis between program partners according to customized agreements, tuned to each partner's needs and situation.

Methodologies on offer

  • Protocol & hypothesis design

  • Investigational & clinical trial setup

  • Internal trial & validation

  • Living labs methodology

  • Quality indicators

  • Sensor design (electro-chemical, electrical and optical)

  • Neuromorphic design

Single partner research

Whenever appropriate, Holst Centre also executes dedicated research trajectories in a one-to-one business relationship with a single partner. We often do this to speed up the technology transfer and industrial uptake of results obtained in shared research that has reached a higher technology-readiness level. Also, this model helps in our collaborations with SMEs who typically have a shorter R&D horizon. For these collaborations, dedicated partnership and IP agreements are discussed with the companies involved.

Why choose Holst Centre?

  • Unique combination of research, development and application

  • Developing long-term technology roadmaps

  • De-risking and designing innovation trajectories

  • Experienced in managing complex projects and partnerships

  • Backed-up by large international network

  • Linking technology to applications in (non-)medical investigational trials

People-centred approach

What we do at Holst Centre is as important as how we do it, because we strongly believe that technology is all about people. We do not develop for the sake of developing: all of our efforts are aimed at improving people’s lives. At the same time, the highly talented and skilled people at Holst Centre make all the difference for our partners. By creating small, agile teams, we can provide the right flexibility and responsiveness needed for each stage of the development process.